With love, from Me

Finding the perfect card to send to a loved one is such a joy! The only thing more joyous is making said card yourself!

A handmade card is personal, heartfelt and unique and all you need are a few basic items and a little whimsy.

I love giving handmade cards, and whether it’s an idea that’s been brewing for weeks or something simple and sweet whipped up at a moment’s notice, handmade is always my first preference.

When it comes to decoration, no medium is excluded! I print, paint and die-cut cards, I use fabric, ribbon, buttons, twine, cotton, beads, feathers and, of course, paper and card. Combining all these lovely textures and shapes with their adorning colours to make something that I feel reflects the tastes and personality of the recipient.

This week I made a few cards to pop in my card draw, for the next time I need a card at a moment’s notice. I nipped into the spare room, had a good fossick through my card and habby (haberdashery) tubs (uh huh, tubs) and came up with a few gems and some fun and simple designs. As pictured above.

Ok, so here’s the fundamental flaw with my personal and design style… It’s ridiculously feminine! Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I wouldn’t want me any other way! It does make crafting and creating for the men in my life tough. As a result, what started as a card making session in which I wanted to make a get well card for my sister-in-law’s brother and some spares, I missed the mark and ended up with a suite of pretty cards.

Nevermind, it’s back to the drawing board on the manly design, and in the meantime my card draw is restocked!

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