16 Jun 2014

Nanna’s Sultana & Apple Cake

This scrumptious sultana and apple cake is another luscious winter treat! With its gorgeous scone like texture this tea cake is packed full of fresh apple and plump sultanas making it a beautifully moist and delicate. This recipe is a ... Read more

08 Jun 2014

Soft & Fruity Boston Bun

In the style of an English tea loaf, these Boston Buns will fast become a favourite with family and friends. Perfect for picnics, bake sales or a morning tea these soft, fruity buns topped with clouds of icing and coconut ... Read more

02 Feb 2014

Fiery & Flavourful Tomato Chilli Jam

This chilli jam is quite a treat! It has a little sweetness, plenty of tang, warm, mallow spices and as much fire as you want! It’s perfect for anyone who, like myself, has a chilli plant in their garden fruiting ... Read more

26 Jan 2014

Bright & Beautiful Beetroot Rotolo

In my experience beetroot is one of those foods, either people love it or they hate it. I personally love beetroot, especially when roasted, as it is in this recipe. A rotolo is made of pasta sheets that are spread ... Read more

28 Nov 2013

Fluffy & Herby French Toast

This is a breakfast favourite not just in our house but throughout the family. It's fluffy, eggy, salty, tangy and crisp at the edges! "Salty? Tangy?" I hear some of you cry. Yes, you may find this french toast recipe a little controversial. I know traditionally, and in most modern recipes, french toast is a sweet dish served with fruit, littered with cinnamon and often drizzled with syrup, but that was never how my mother made it. It was always savoury and we all loved it. So I urge you, whether this recipe has immediate appeal or if it offends your personal french toast preferences, give this one a try! You won't be disappointed. Read more

21 Nov 2013

Kitchen gadgets, bits and bobs I can’t do without

Introducing you all to Beatrice, the star of my kitchen, last week got me thinking about other gadgets, bits and bobs that I couldn’t do without. Here is a list of my absolute ... Read more

14 Nov 2013

Fabulous honey & cardamom frozen yoghurt

With the warm weather in Perth reminding us summer is just around the corner, it’s time to dust off this spectacular summer recipe. When it comes to cooling desserts this recipe is as good as it gets! The heady aroma ... Read more

07 Nov 2013

The secrets of a kitchen garden

I think a kitchen garden is a must for any cook, nothing can beat the flavour fresh herbs add to a dish and it doesn’t get any fresher than plucking what you need straight from the garden! Whether you have ... Read more

24 Oct 2013

Robust & Rustic Roast Tomato Sauce

From now right through to the end of summer, tomatoes are in season. Rich, ripe and bursting with flavour they make the perfect base for a simple and mouthwatering pasta sauce that will have everyone coming back for more. This ... Read more

18 Oct 2013

With love, from Me

Finding the perfect card to send to a loved one is such a joy! The only thing more joyous is making said card yourself! A handmade card is personal, heartfelt and unique and all you need are a few basic ... Read more