Kitchen gadgets, bits and bobs I can’t do without

Introducing you all to Beatrice, the star of my kitchen, last week got me thinking about other gadgets, bits and bobs that I couldn’t do without.

Here is a list of my absolute favourites. Some are treasured, some are rather mundane and some are a little odd, but they all make cooking and creating in my kitchen wonderful!

kitchen gadgets, bits and bobs

1. Vintage Swift Whip Mechanical Whisk

This is a new comer to my kitchen arsenal, it was a recent birthday gift from Mr B. However, a mechanical whisk, that was her Nanna’s, has always been in my mother’s kitchen and it’s an awesome piece of vintage kit that my sister and I have coveted!

I use my whisk for whipping cream and looking pretty mostly, but this old girl whips up a mean victoria sponge when I don’t want to heft Beatrice down from her perch.

2. Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set

These may seem an odd thing to list as a favourite, but these ceramic measuring spoons tick all the boxes. They don’t stain, sticky things like honey and golden syrup roll right off them and if you forget to rinse them right away, nothing sticks! They are also pretty cute, which helps.

3. Enameled Composting Bucket

Earlier this year, Mr B took it upon himself to set up a compost bin in our garden and we haven’t looked back. Being vegetarian and when I’m cooking for a crowd, I can end up with a whole heap of veggie scraps when preparing a meal. This little beauty keeps my bench clear and stops me from making multiple trips to the compost bin while prepping dinner.

4. KitchenAid Stick Blender

Also called an immersion blender, this gadget is tops! You can use it to blend soups and sauces, make curry pastes and even pulp fruit for icy poles.

5. Pasta Machine

Making my own fresh pasta was something I had always been keen to try so when I saw this machine on sale at a local continental supermarket, I couldn’t resist. Now almost all of the pasta we eat is homemade! It really is very easy to make fresh pasta and a pasta machine makes it that much easier.

There are other cool tricks this machine can perform, a tip I read recently in a Woman’s Weekly decorating cookbook was to pass your fondant icing through your pasta machine to get a consistent thickness, and it works like a charm!

6. Rice Cooker

This is a kitchen gadget that was given to me as a gift. If you had asked me before I had one, if I thought I would use it, I would have said probably not, but now that I have one I can’t remember the last time I cooked rice in a pot! It is so quick and easy when making a rice dish to pop the cooker on and let it toil away. Best of all, it reduces the number of pots on the stove which is an excellent thing when you don’t have much space!

7. Garlic Crusher

Now I know garlic crushers can be somewhat controversial things! There are those that swear that slicing or mincing your garlic with a knife is the only way to do it, and while I can see their point, for as long as I have been cooking I have been using a crusher and I love it. It’s easy and quick and I’m always happy with the end result.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little show and tell for this week. Thanks for stopping by!

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