Frilly, floral and fantastic!

I think it is fair to say there is nothing that pleases me more than having fresh flowers in the house! During the day they catch the light and offer up their colour and superb form to enhance any room. In the evening, they let their perfume take the floor, releasing calming, refreshing wafts as the house settles.

At the heart of it, I love all flowers. Every single one of their shapes, sizes, colours, textures and amazing array of perfumes. When it comes to my favourites though, my truly beloved blooms that I couldn’t live without, I’m a pristine English garden girl all the way! If it’s soft, frilly, fragrant and some darling shade of pink, I’m there.

So what does that mean? Well my favourites list is fairly extensive, but here goes, ranunculus, freesias, lisianthus, carnations, sweet peas, lavender, lilacs, tulips, poppies, hydrangeas, peonies and, my all time favourite, roses are what make up the bulk of my floral obsession.

Some of them are very similar, some of them are vastly different from one another, some are available year round in Western Australia, and some offer a limited window of beauty during which they demand centre stage. At the end of it though, they all compliment each other giving a never ending canvas.

The other aspect all of these blooms have in common are their old world charm and their ability to add a touch of vintage chic to anything they help style, and that is what makes them my favourites.

When choosing flowers for an arrangement, I look for what is in season. The best ways to tell are how the blooms look and what price they are. First off, do the bunches look fresh, are they full of plump blooms and teeming with buds? Secondly, how are they priced in relation to the other bunches on sale? Are they at the higher end of things or are they mid-range? Now of course there will always be some blooms that are more expensive than others, but it can still be a good marker for what’s in season.

I then look at the colours available. My favourites are pinks, white, creams and purples, so I look for those first. I have quite a bit of burgandy in my house and deep burgandy blooms are always stunning, so if there aren’t enough of my favourites, I find burgandy a very acceptable fall back.

I then look at the shapes and textures of the in season blooms in my chosen colours, and find those that suite each other best. Once all that is done, I inevitably have an armful of blooms ready for the register.

I then swan out of the florist with my wrapped blooms and a spring in my step, headed for home.

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