Fluffy & Herby French Toast

This is a breakfast favourite not just in our house but throughout the family.  It’s fluffy, eggy, salty, tangy and crisp at the edges!

“Salty? Tangy?” I hear some of you cry. Yes, you may find this french toast recipe a little controversial. I know traditionally, and in most modern recipes, french toast is a sweet dish served with fruit, littered with cinnamon and often drizzled with syrup, but that was never how my mother made it. It was always savoury and we all loved it.

As teenagers my best friend and I took to lavishing it with tangy, spicy barbecue sauce when we cooked ourselves up a treat on a Saturday morning. To this day when we get the chance to breakfast together, it’s top of the list.

In all fairness, this recipe is more like the English style eggy bread than a traditional french toast, but to me it will always be french toast.

So I urge you, whether this recipe has immediate appeal or  it offends your personal french toast preferences, give this one a try! You won’t be disappointed.


4 thick slices sourdough bread
3 eggs
2tbsp milk
4 sprigs fresh thyme
olive oil for frying


1. In a wide and shallow bowl or deep plate, whisk the eggs together with a fork. Add the milk and whisk to combine.

2. Place a large frying pan over a medium heat, add a good drizzle of olive oil, heat until the pan and oil are hot.

3. Take two slices of bread, dip them in the egg mixture on each side, allowing the bread to soak up the mixture, then pop them into the hot pan. Pick the thyme from the stalk and sprinkle the topside of each slice with thyme and sea salt. Turn the slices after 2-3 minutes and cook for a further 2-3 minutes or until cooked through and golden.

4. Repeat with the remaining slices, keeping the cooked slices warm under a grill or in the oven.

5. Serve warm with barbecue sauce on the side.

This serves two for breakfast or brunch.


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