Floral Achievements

This year, when planting my spring flowers, I’ve put some little experiments in place to help increase the head size, stem length and stem strength for when I use them as cut flowers. I’m pleased to say I’ve had some success!

I’ve tried some new varieties, though still heirloom, for my sweet peas and ranunculi, I’ve put them in a more spacious position, and I have used better stakes and grid supports. The main difference across the board is stem length! With more room to grow and a better support system these ladies area getting nice and leggy. The head size is much larger than last year, though that is down to the varieties I chose this year and the stem strength is better, but could still use a fair bit of improvement.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying using these stunning blooms around my house, but I’ll be keeping at it, and with any luck they’ll one day be available for you to purchase for you own homes 🙂

If anyone is looking to grow their own flowers, perfect for cutting, I got all my spring/summer bulbs and seeds from Eden Seeds this year (edenseeds.com.au), they stock beautiful heirloom varieties and I love the quality!

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