Month: July 2014

24 Jul 2014

Rich & Rustic Homemade Ricotta

Fresh ricotta is a key ingredient and magnificent addition to any number of dishes, and making your own at home is so much easier than you’d think! This gorgeous ricotta has only 3 ingredients and takes but 30 minutes to ... Read more

17 Jul 2014

Lush & Lively Limoncello

Limoncello is a refreshing & delicious lemon based liquor from Southern Italy that is most often served, chilled until it’s syrupy, at the end of a meal as a digestive. It is a truly delightful tipple and best of all, ... Read more

09 Jul 2014

Perfectly Preserved Lemons

It’s that time of year again, lemon trees in gardens all over town are laden with their bright sunny fruit! If you, like myself, are lucky enough to have a gloriously full lemon tree, or perhaps a neighbour that does, ... Read more