Month: November 2013

28 Nov 2013

Fluffy & Herby French Toast

This is a breakfast favourite not just in our house but throughout the family. It's fluffy, eggy, salty, tangy and crisp at the edges! "Salty? Tangy?" I hear some of you cry. Yes, you may find this french toast recipe a little controversial. I know traditionally, and in most modern recipes, french toast is a sweet dish served with fruit, littered with cinnamon and often drizzled with syrup, but that was never how my mother made it. It was always savoury and we all loved it. So I urge you, whether this recipe has immediate appeal or if it offends your personal french toast preferences, give this one a try! You won't be disappointed. Read more

21 Nov 2013

Kitchen gadgets, bits and bobs I can’t do without

Introducing you all to Beatrice, the star of my kitchen, last week got me thinking about other gadgets, bits and bobs that I couldn’t do without. Here is a list of my absolute ... Read more

14 Nov 2013

Fabulous honey & cardamom frozen yoghurt

With the warm weather in Perth reminding us summer is just around the corner, it’s time to dust off this spectacular summer recipe. When it comes to cooling desserts this recipe is as good as it gets! The heady aroma ... Read more

07 Nov 2013

The secrets of a kitchen garden

I think a kitchen garden is a must for any cook, nothing can beat the flavour fresh herbs add to a dish and it doesn’t get any fresher than plucking what you need straight from the garden! Whether you have ... Read more